Standing Order

The easiest way to contribute financially is to complete a Standing Order form which will automatically send your offering(s), on an ongoing basis, straight to the relevant Greystone Road bank account(s).

There are separate forms for Freewill Offering & United Appeal, Property Fund and Mission Support Fund. Once completed they should be posted to your Bank.

Online Banking

If you have access to Internet online banking (either on your computer or smartphone) you can make a payment from your account to the Greystone Road account. Set Greystone Road up as a payee in your online banking app and then you can transfer your offering with flexibility, weekly, monthly or as you decide.

Please remember to add your FWO Number for identification purposes to the reference. Using this method, you need to separate the transfers between FWO, Mission, Property and United Appeal by changing the reference alongside your FWO number i.e.

Account Details
Sort Code: 95-06-79

FWO & United Appeal
Account Number: 70145491
Notes: Please indicate area e.g. FWO etc

Mission Support/Romania & Moldova/Burma
Account Number: 90145513
Notes: Please indicate area e.g.Mission Support etc

Property Fund
Account Number: 90145505

Cheques should be made payable to: Greystone Road Presbyterian Church

Please contact the finance team for assistance via email at:


Greystone Road Presbyterian Church
56 Greystone Road
BT41 1JZ

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